Saturday, February 19, 2011

A day in the life

Finally... my updated blog that I've been planning for just ages :)  For those of you who aren't familiar with our craziness, here are the basics:  David and I have known each other for 27 years, and been married for 17 of those.  We dated 18 months before getting married.  We have four gorgeous kids that keep us very busy.    The doctors don't know why we didn't seem able to conceive for upwards of 3 years, for no apparent reason. Following many medical procedures (that all failed), and frustrations, and finally prayers (should have tried this first, I know!) we were truly blessed.

Our first miracle was our son Jakob, who will be turning 13 this year.  I shouldn't be, but I'm always amazed at how fast time is flying by.  Jakob has "high functioning autism".  He's a brilliant, engaging, lovable, energetic young man who has changed our lives so much.  He continues to teach us so much, not just about all of the subjects he loves to read about, but about acceptance and, mostly, patience.

Our next miraculous journey was the arrival of our twins, Kyle and Cassidy Mae when Jakob was just 19 months old.  No, we didn't expect twins.  We certainly didn't expect to have children again so quickly (the doctors seemed to think we'd have trouble conceiving again).  No, twins don't run in our family.  We just got lucky :)  They just turned 11 last month, and are truly amazing kids.  Kyle has an intolerance to corn and all products derived from corn.  Just a little ongoing issue to add to our busy lives that we discovered when he was 4.  Cassidy Mae is a true gemstone and lights all of our lives.  She's sweet, caring, very smart, and growing up way too fast.

Finally, along came our youngest daughter Abigail Rose when the twins were 7 and Jakob was 8.  She was a most unexpected blessing.  Abigail has Down syndrome and the greatest giggle you've ever heard.  She's doing very well and beginning to talk.  She had open heart bypass surgery at 5 1/2 months to repair a PDA, ASD, and VSD.  She blew the doctors (and us!) away when she came home just 4 days after surgery.  No, she is not always happy.  Yes, she loves to laugh.  No, she is not afflicted or suffering.  Yes, we all love her dearly and she has changed all of our lives for the better.

I work at being a better Mom, and I work out of our home for the Flower City Down Syndrome Network half-time.  I love to read, I enjoy writing, I like to crochet and sew, I experiment with cooking (corn-free for Kyle!), and I wish to be a better gardener than I am.  Welcome to my blog.

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