Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I'd like to wish all the great Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day. This morning my kids told me that since it was "my" day, I didn't have to work. The day then proceeded into reality ;)

After church we headed over to the pet store, since my poor kitty was out of food and hungry. The kids begged me for new fish, so I bought them two new fish to replace the two zombie fish that recently (finally) gave up the ghost. We call them zombie fish because Jakob has had them since he was 4 years old. With minimal and somewhat lackadaisical care, they've survived for the past eight years.

We then headed home, since our newly acquired pets wouldn't do well sitting in the hot vehicle if we were to finish running Mom's errands.... home so Mom could make lunch for herself & Abigail. Then I was asked what I wanted to do today. Well, I'd really, really like for the kids to clean their rooms, and to get started with sorting and ferrying things from the garage back down to the new shelves down cellar. I went out and started working on that. Good work, Mom.

I then got Abigail settled for nap and David took off with the older three while I painted what will be my craft table down cellar. It looks quite pretty, really. I then sorted through about 6 bins of "stuff" and organized it according to craft status, garage sale status, and decoration storage shelf status. I also got a whole bunch of games & toys down there to the shelves.

Then it was time to make dinner, but my wonderful husband got me some take-out from Applebees and the kids were thrilled to get Wendy's kids' meals. Yeah, Daddy! Then my fantastic kids gave me presents! I got a bag of dark chocolate peanut M&M's (oh, so sinfully yummy!) and a new table top sized waterfall (I've been wanting a new one) and a nice, big digital picture frame from David. Cassidy made me the sweetest card and decorated it beautifully.

Now, it's just about time to put a second coat of paint on my table. Cassidy asked why I didn't want to go out 'or something' for Mother's Day. I told her what I really, really wanted was to get stuff sorted and put away for the cellar.

I had a very productive, "you don't have to work today" work day. I got hugs & kisses from my kids and my husband. It was a great day.

(p.s.... the kids' rooms never did get cleaned, although Jakob brought all the laundry down for me.)

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