Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Experts Abound

Goodness, but I haven't been doing very well with every day posting, have I? Sorry about that. Honestly, by the time bed time rolls around, I can't think of anything but when I'll be able to close my eyes.

So, the last few days, during my research (yes, I research all the time. Maybe I should have been a researcher instead of a teacher!) I've read some reports and findings that are real, well, doozies. I like that word. It pretty much sums up the impression of how ridiculous, spurious, and wildly illogical we (humans) can be.

A new report from one "expert" claims to have found a "cure" for Down syndrome. He's developed a procedure to diagnose earlier in pregnancy so the parents can abort sooner. Hmm. Some "cure", dude. I just hope he's not researching any cures for cancer, traumatic brain injury, or the common cold, or we're in real trouble.

I find this report so horrifying that if I don't laugh at it and try to view it as a joke, I think I'll just explode. The really scary part is.... he's serious. Maybe he's a proponent of Hitler's views, seeking to 'purify' the human race. Hey, you never know.

Another of my favorites is all of the experts I meet on the street (figuratively speaking). For instance, store cashiers seem to be experts in many different fields. Total strangers at the playground are another resource for 'expert' opinions. Some of my favorite experts are those that don't even have kids. Ahh, their wisdom and insight astound me. (Are you catching the sarcasm, here? I hope so....)

Most days I do ok, but some days, I admit, I turn into an Angry Mom. I know that many people mean well, but I have also found that sometimes they just mean to be, well, mean. The stage whispers wondering if I knew before my daughter was born, or if I ever considered teaching my son with autism manners.

Arrghh. I've never claimed that I have as much patience and understanding as I should with people. Sometimes I'm astounded at their utter lack of judgment and use of common sense (not to mention common courtesy). It's one thing when friends or even strangers approach and ask a meaningful question. Generally you can easily tell the difference. Questions asked in sarcastic or condescending tones of voice aren't genuine. Questions asked with sincerity and respect, I have no problem answering. Ask away! I'd love to help you learn!

On the flip side, I would never dream of accosting a stranger in the grocery aisle and [insensitively] asking if they knew about their child's disability before birth (as if they would obviously have chosen to do away with said defective child).

It's like when you're pregnant, everyone in the world feels comfortable approaching you and rubbing your abdomen. Think about it. If you did that sans prego, can you imagine how fast the police would be there for charges of a lewd advance or assault?

Just because I have a child with disabilities does not mean you are free to approach me and ask thoughtless, personal questions and make life decisions for me. People used to come up to me and say "twins? Boy and Girl? At least you're done, now!". Excuse me, but isn't that my personal choice? Who made you my family planner? I loved responding by saying "no I'm not!" or asking "why would I be done?" and watch their faces. Too funny.

Ok, I'm done ranting for the day. I promise to be in a better mood next post. Sometimes I just need to vent :)

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