Sunday, October 9, 2011

No, I'm not

I understand that people mean well and want to let me know. I get that and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for thinking so well of me; but I'm not.

I'm not a special Mom; I'm no different than you. Our family was blessed with the gift of our daughter with Down syndrome. We were not given this gift because we're different than anyone else.

When you tell me that, it immediately places upon me an extra responsibility and expectation that I can't possibly live up to. I don't have more patience than you. I don't know more than you (I've learned it all through necessity... just like you would if it were your child). I'm not stronger than you, or tougher than you, or more capable than you are as a parent.

As a matter of fact (if truth be told), I sometimes feel less able to live up to what I'm "supposed" to be. When I feel tired or stressed out, I feel that I shouldn't be because I have to be strong and capable all the time. When I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared, I feel that I should be able to handle things better; and never let others see the struggle.

We have been blessed with Abigail, but we were not given specialized or extraordinary powers to deal with it. We're just parents who love our children and strive to do our best.

I appreciate your good will, but please don't tell me I'm special because no, I'm not. I'm just human.

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