Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Nights

When I was a little girl, Friday nights were always a big deal. It's the one night of the week we would get to make popcorn, or go for ice cream, or even (if we were very lucky) order submarine sandwiches from Guy's Subs. Oooh, what a treat that was!

Without even meaning to, I think I've passed this on to my kids. When Friday night rolls around, it's always a little celebration. For us, it's often movie night with the kids and we'll watch something together. Sometimes we'll go out for dinner.

I still remember my Dad coming home and sitting in his chair taking off his shoes, and there all 5 of us were, whispering amongst ourselves trying to decide if we dared ask for subs, or go for the popcorn. My Dad knew exactly what we were up to, but he'd play along and just laugh or have a 'debate' with us to see if we REALLY wanted to get a treat? Were we SURE? Great memory. I miss my Dad.

Tonight my kids are down cellar with their cousin watching a movie with David. I'm headed down there myself very soon. They're having a great time (I hear lots of conversation and laughs) and spending time just being together. I think this is one family tradition most definitely worth keeping.

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