Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Has it really been a month since my last post? Wow. Time does have a tendency to fly when you're really busy. It's been a bit crazier than usual around our house, lately. I guess it's just the summer months (finally) coming along. I find that more and more often, I'm just making plans.

It sounds so simple, doesn't it? Just making plans. Typically, your kids finish the school year amid shouts of joy, and then you sort of wait until late August to find some bargains on supplies and shoes. Of course, we all know my family seems to want to be the atypical poster child, so to speak.

At the pediatrician's today, plans were reviewed and made for Abigail to be able to continue receiving therapies over the summer break. Phone calls and emails have been rushing back and forth making plans for Jakob to have a smooth transition (never an easy task) out of school and in to summer. Yes, we actually have to plan this. See my link on Asperger Syndrome to learn more about autism and how difficult ANY changes can be.

I'm planning a garage sale to help offset the cost of having our basement finished and to get the tons of extra stuff we have OUT of the house (please come!). Plans are in the works for Kyle and Cassidy to attend Camp Invention, and for Jakob to attend a Culinary Camp in July. Camping as a family would be a nice plan once or twice this year. Boy Scouts are planning for their late July week-long trek into the wild. We're planning on attending the NDSC National Convention on Down syndrome again this year in San Antonio, TX in August. Cassidy and I are trying to plan a Girl Scout project for "recycling and recreating" over the summer. All the kids need appointments for new eye glasses and the dentist.

I'm sure there are more plans that need to be made, but for now I think I'm full up. Oh! I have also begun, and plan on continuing, to work with Abigail daily on speech/word flash cards. She seems to enjoy it and also seems to show some improvement. Go, girlie!

Meanwhile, I think it's time to plan another dose of Motrin for the headache that I most definitely did NOT plan for :) Somewhere in between all the phone calls and running about, I need to make time to use my massage certificate. Oh, how I am looking forward to planning THAT!

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  1. Busy Busy Family! Make sure that you take some Mommy time Becky!