Monday, June 13, 2011

Proud of My Girl

.... and a busy Monday ensued. Mondays are usually hectic because it's also Scout day for both boys & 'the girl'. Boy Scouts ended in May (what a blessing, and my boys were so awesome!). Girls Scouts has been going strong with projects and outings right up to, and including, today. It was the last meeting day and also their badge ceremony. All the girls lit a candle as part of the GS pledge and spoke a little about what they learned this year in Scouts and what they enjoyed most.

The girls made scrap books for each leader, and also painted wind chimes. There were goodies after the ceremony and tons of giggles. Cassidy did a great job (of course!) and earned a bunch of badges for her sash. Next year we'll have to get a new one in that lovely khaki color for the next level. By the way, just a side note...if you think about it, who came up with the word "khaki" as a name for a color, anyway?

So, finally time to catch a breath before tackling tomorrow. End of school is always hard for my kids. They both do and don't want it to end. The summer is already filling up with camps and events, too. I think a good plan for me at the moment is to go to bed and not think about it until the morning. I keep telling myself "tonight I'll get some good sleep", and I always end working late.

My cat has decided to get in the game, now. She usually comes and stretches herself out along my side and purrs when I go to bed. I think she's trying to tell me it's time to snooze. She's such a comfort.

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