Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cards and Carpets

Today was an eventful day. First off, my husband (drum roll please....) let me sleep in until 10:00 am! That is SO very rare for me. Abigail was up last night at 1:30 and again at 6:00. I'm not sure why. She cried a bit, then settled back to sleep.

After I finally got out of bed and dressed, we loaded the kids in the van for a family shopping trip. We ran a few work errands, then off we went to select color sample cards (we needed these to pick out everything to match!), outlet covers, carpeting, and a couch for the basement, despite the kids' complaints of starvation (yes, we fed them- Wendy's- and they survived). We found the perfect carpet to match our color cards.

Now, we have to hurry up and wait for the carpet order and to pick up the couch. At least we have the color cards to show the contractor so he can paint the walls. It will be SO nice when the basement is finished, and all of our stuff has a place, and we weed out lots more stuff, and I have a decent work area.

The anticipation is killing me ;)

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