Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little Things

Another hectic week over, another about to begin. Already the calendar is filling with work tasks, school meetings, appointments, and chores. It's what I do :)

Today I took the older 3 swimming at the Y. They had tons of fun, and I found myself enjoying it quite a bit, as well. It's music to my ears to still hear "play with me, Mom!". I figure I'd better do so while they're still interested in paying attention to Mom. My legs are soooo tired from dragging them around the pool, playing 'fetch' with the water toys, and racing. I don't mind. It's a good kind of sore, knowing every moment of effort was worth it.

I did get in my therapy exercises, too, which is a big bonus. My knee has been giving me trouble again and I find being in the pool really helps.

At school and home, we've been pushing Abigail (more than usual) to SAY things when she signs them. Happily, she's trying to do so and it's really very cute. On of my favorites is she now points to things and says "lookit dat!". When you thank her for something, she takes a bow. Such a sweet pea.

Jakob has coined many phrases over the years that we now use in our household. The Blues Clues notebook is known to us as the "mip mop". Doors that open when you get near them are "automagic", and we have Easter "bastiks". Believe it or not, he still uses "amn't" as the contraction for "I'm not".

Kyle's big thing is nicknames. He's got about 30 of them, now. He collects them. He loves to try and think of all of them. He's just a lovable kid, and a bit of a goofball. Gotta love him.

Cassie is still known (and I'm sure always will be) by her Bear Bear. Ah, Bear Bear. What in the world would our lives be like without you? Cassie's best buddy, confidant, and moral support. She still rides in Cassie's back pack every day "just in case, Mom".

I love them all.... these little things that make up the big things that become who they are.

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