Wednesday, April 20, 2011


With all of the drywall sanding going on in my basement today, I've had a chance to make a few observations.

First, the dust never really settles, does it? It just moseys about, looking for a new home on which to rest. Despite the vacuuming, and fans, and dusting, and wiping, something always remains. How true for events in our lives, too. We probably don't even realize how much residual "dust" will be with us for the rest of our lives, from events and projects that we've completed. I suppose this could be good, so that we never forget and can learn, or bad, if it was a negative experience.

Second, dust is something you push around and sweep away, but if you get too much of it, it chokes you. There's a metaphor for you. Think about it.

Third, dust changes the way you look. The contractor came up for a break looking like a cartoon character that had fallen into a flour bin. Does this mean he's been changed by the dust, or just hidden from view for a while?

Last, in the most practical and mundane sense, dust means that the project is almost over! Once you get to the dusty part, it's the beginning of the end. The light is at the end of the tunnel, even if it still is a little bit diffuse.

The good news is, the dust will always (sort of) settle.

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  1. You are way too philosophical for a Wednesday Becky! I live with dust constantly too. But it only bothers me if I can see it! I am looking forward to seeing the basement progress!