Monday, April 4, 2011

A Never Ending Story

Abigail has finally been feeling better.  She's back to eating and making messy diapers.  Who knew I'd ever be pleased to type that sentence?!  Of course, it doesn't end there.  For the last 2 nights Abigail signs "ouch" and points to her ear and cries.  Today I was going to call the pediatrician to have it checked out.  Sure enough, just before I called, Abigail got herself into more trouble.

Grama was sorting a laundry pile I'd brought downstairs.  Abigail apparently jumped into the laundry pile (as she is wont to do).  Unfortunately, that's right when Grama took a step backwards and stepped right on Abbie's left elbow.  Abbie didn't cry at first.  She kept frowning at Grama and pointing to her shoe, then her arm, then fussing.  Poor Grama felt SOOO bad.

Of course, the pediatrician took a look at the elbow the same time she took a look at the ears.  Abigail has another double ear infection and is back on Augmentin again.  Her elbow seems ok; some soft tissue damage but the joint & bones seem fine.  She's a little bruised and puffy, there.  The Doc. gave us some topical pain cream and suggested Motrin or Tylenol, which she's taking anyway for her ear pain. *sigh*  Maybe tonight she'll be able to sleep, with the antibiotics and pain meds.

Meanwhile, I contacted the school about Abbie receiving Music Therapy.  Her evaluation was in December, and still nothing.  When I finally got a response from the school, they told me they never received a report.  For heaven's sake, people.  Why do I sign these papers saying you can communicate with each other when you don't?!  I ran that form over to the school and signed the necessary paperwork for an amendment to her IEP.  I also rescheduled her appointment to get her pre-op and ear tubes.  First opening is the first week of May.

Once that was done, it was off to the post office to get some work mail out.  As I ran about, the contractors began work in my basement :)  Oh, happy day!  The walls were scraped, bleached, and dri-locked.  The shelving was removed and miscellaneous, useless boards taken out of the wall.  Then they transported a bunch of wood through one of the basement windows.  I love the smell of cut wood.  It reminds me of my Dad and his workshop.  Good memories.  The basement looks so much better already.  I'm going to take pictures every evening to track their progress, just because it's fun to do.  At least this project has an end in sight.

I cheated tonight and had David pick up a roast chicken for dinner from the store.  It was yummy, but mine ended up being a bit chilly, as I had some work things to take care of first.  I just popped it in the micro for a minute and it was warm enough.  Time to have a cup of tea and think about going to bed.  Tomorrow promises to be another busy chapter in our never ending story.

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